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Power of 2 Studios is a private fitness facility that focuses on the strengthening of mind, spirit and of course, body.

Here at Power of 2 Studios, we understand and promote the importance of being the best version of self, starting with promoting healthy and realistic body image and goals.  We pride ourselves on taking the time to share and educate all our clients on the importance of self care.  Power of 2 Studios will provide support and help you feel empowered to create habits for a happier and healthier lifestyle, by utilizing fitness as the tool, we are able to channel positive energy back into your own life.  More than just a fitness studio, we will help you establish both life and fitness fundamentals which will assist you in achieving all your goals.

What We Offer

Fundamental education:

  • The key basic movements in exercise
  • Beneficial to all fitness levels


A wide range of styles and modes of fitness:

  • Basic Olympic lifting
  • Functional movements
  • Body weight exercises
  • Strength, conditioning and agility
  • Plyometric and HIIT
  • Stretching and meditation

A path to self development and self discovery:

  • Understanding the “Why’s” of healthy living and activity
  • Discovering how fitness relates to happiness and over all well-being
  • Restoring healthy, realistic balance to incorporate into your life
  • Creating a community that supports your goals and motivates personal and physical growth and progression