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Meet the Team

Jhinell Raimondo

Jhinell Raimondo

Co-Owner/Lifestyle Facilitator

Jhinell started the business in 2010 and has watched the community grow into a network of amazing individuals.

Having struggled with body image issues, and exhausting unhealthy methods of weight-loss such as diet pills and eating disorders, Jhinell finally made the decision to channel her energy into something that allowed her to elevate her state of being; exercise. She quickly discovered a passion, which fuelled her purpose: to empower women.

Jhinell has inspired and motivated her clients by educating them on the importance of self care and balance. Her honest approach combined with understanding the needs and desires of women have propelled her past the stereotypical fit girl motivator. Her genuine affinity to empower women has been recognized within her community and she regularly gets invited to speak to High-school students on the importance of realistic and healthy body image.

Jhinell’s intended vision involves opening a series of Women’s Centre’s: an all encompassing mecca for women with the foundational elements of creating holistic balance in all areas of one’s life.

Jhinell readily welcomes women of every age to start their journey and join this amazing community of women. Her goal is to inspire and support them in becoming the best version of themselves.

She invites you to make the choice to live a healthier, happier lifestyle, and through the power of exercise, find well-being as well as the ability to lead and inspire others by being an example for the community.

Julian Raimondo

Julian Raimondo

Co-owner/Lifestyle Facilitator

Julian is the older brother of Jhinell and together they created Power of 2 studios.

As a result of Julian’s knowledge and self taught training, he was able to not only overcome his own weight issues but also help others follow suit. He has been the inspirational beacon for a wide variety of clientele and understands the importance of incorporating exercise on a daily basis. Julian’s compassion and genuine care for others, allows him to effectively guide and educate others on the importance of self-care, personal growth and the development of confidence.

His intuitive ability to help people recognize their own skill and strength is what sets him apart from others, his approach in educating allows for clients to feel motivated and accomplished after every session.

Having always supported his sister’s vision of growing a fitness community, he has helped both males and females achieve and surpass their lifestyle goals.

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